It's not entirely surprising that Devin Ebanks is leaving for the NBA. Or at least it shouldn't be. He's never really gone crazy on offense, but he's always been solid from 15 feet in. He is a defensive and rebounding demon, though. As he develops, he'll be extremely valuable to whichever team drafts him.

I've heard quite a few people say that he needs to come back to develop his shot. But I think he's got a good shot and he'll have people to help him develop a three point shot. He can play and he doesn't have an ego about being THE MAN. There were a few times I wish he would have taken over a game, and there were times he did. The important thing is that his size and athleticism is very attractive to the NBA.

We'd love to have him around another year, but if he's ready we want to wish him the best. He's been a big positive for the Mountaineer basketball team.