From here on out, any time I write about something nice that Bob Huggins did for someone it is directed at Rick Reilly. Unfortunately, coach Huggins has had a lot of opportunities to show this side of himself lately. But he's risen up to the challenge once again.

West Virginia University men's basketball coach Bob Huggins and WVU students have started a fund for the families affected by the Upper Big Branch mine explosion in Raleigh County.

The Upper Big Branch Family Fund will give the miners' children money to go to college, and cover other family expenses.

I made a trip down this weekend. I wanted to find out what was being done for the families of the miners. It was important for me to make the trip, but as you can see above I just had to wait and be patient. My first thought was that it would be important to try to provide funds for college for the kids. I really wasn't going to stop looking until this was addressed. So I'm more than happy to say that Huggins did it again.