That sound you hear is the Bob Huggins meme being deleted from Rick Reilly's computer. Twice in the past week he's gone above and beyond to show compassion for people that are hurting. First with Da'Sean Butler, and now with families of the miners in southern West Virginia.

When he talked about how special it is to be a Mountaineer after the UConn game, he said it because he knew what it meant. This is our pro team. Outside of a few wayward souls in Huntington, everyone in West Virginia lives and dies with the Mountaineers. He has the power to help just by being there. After the past few weeks, he was probably looking forward to a few days away from the grind. But he lived up to the responsibility of that power and I'm sure he helped quite a few people find peace. Even if for just a couple hours.

This is what makes us proud. Like a lot of universities around the country, the coaches and the teams can help unite people. They can bring a smile to the face of someone who needs it. It's not one of the things that gets talked about a lot. We mainly concern ourselves with wins and losses. But in a time of tragedy, it needs to be recognized.