Rich Rodriguez left WVU for Michigan a year and a half ago. But it seems like he never really left. Mostly because of the lawsuit filed by WVU against Rodriguez after he left before his contract was up. It seems like it's been one long roller coaster of a ride. The latest is that because of the NCAA investigation into his practice habits at UM, the NCAA is tracking back to his time at WVU.

The reasons are logical, none bigger than perhaps establishing if this was a pattern more than an accident, a one-time thing or a guy feeling pressure to usurp the rules under considerable pressure at Michigan. You can imagine there was some interrogation by the NCAA at UM about time spent and supervision provided at WVU and the NCAA is obliged to see if its being lied to.

WVU is “guilty”  — I can’t, at this point, use that word loosely enough — by association here. Its oversight and procedures/ability to monitor will be examined, but that doesn’t seem to be the target at all. The focus looks to be on what happened under Rodriguez.

It's interesting to think back on how impressed everyone was with his ability to turn two and three star recruits into a BCS bowl team. We were also lucky to find a few diamonds in the ruff like Pat White and Steve Slaton. But still when you think about it, you have to ask yourself is it worth NCAA sanctions? Big time college football is an arms race. A never-ending cold war. You have to push the envelope just to keep up in most cases. Or you could use Lane Kiffin's three yards and a cloud of minor rules breaking plan.

I don't like Rodriguez. As a WVU fan, I can't. But at the same time I don't like the way the NCAA seems to pick and choose who they will investigate, while completely ignoring other programs. I don't like the way they punish the school but not the coach. I don't think anything will come of this. But if it did, it would be the only way West Virginians could hate Rodriguez more.