RAT TURD! If you haven't heard the news yet, Truck Bryant suffered a broken foot in practice Tuesday and will miss the rest of the season. Of course I have to take a little bit of the responsibility for this. It seems that anytime I go out of my way to praise someone I morph into the curse of the Sports Illustrated cover.

On any other team, this would be devastating news. But West Virginia is lucky to have a backup point guard that is just as good if not better than the starter in Joe Mazzulla. There are also other options for the Mountaineers to run the offense. We all remember last year when Mazzulla was out. Da'Sean Butler is capable of running the point. It isn't pretty, but Devin Ebanks can run the point as well.

The thing that will probably hurt the Mountaineers the most is how players are rotated into the lineup. Mazzulla and Butler may not come out of the game at all if they are able to keep themselves out of foul trouble. How much that affects WVU's chances past Thursday night is irrelevant. The only rule is survive and advance.