I thought it would be a fun idea to look back at the tweets from the WVU-UK game Saturday night. Things come out unfiltered for me on Twitter, like most people. Trying to match up what I said with what was going on in the game.

"can gus johnson call every sporting event i watch from here on out?"

"@jimburr How much did you have to drink before the game?"

This is important people! A sober Jim Burr is a sad Jim Burr.

"wells for three...count it. im there for you gus."

Again, having Gus on your side even when he's not in the building is worth the effort.

"Hey UK, you're getting Pittsnogled."

We couldn't hit anything but threes. Which wasn't a bad thing, I guess.

"ima skip the booze and go straight for the glue. Not sure i'll make it through the second half."

Halftime brought a fresh set of problems for my viewing pleasure.

"jimmy shocker! should be a technical"

De'Sean Butler had his manhood slapped in the second half. We all felt that one!

"freaking out here, and the snuseberries taste like snauseberries."

I'm not sure if the oxygen was getting to my head at this point. But my fingers kept working anyway.

"foulshot gods, you can have my first born if you make this happen!"

We were getting down to the time that Kentucky would have to foul to get back in the game. I was getting down to the point where I was willing to mortgage my future for this win.

"Liggens has a future with Duke with that flop."

If you don't know who Liggens is, don't worry. The spelling was secondary to getting the thought out there.


That's a wrap. WVU wins 73-66. So what did we learn? Well, Jim Burr likes him some beer.

"JimBurr Only a 12pk! RT @JohnRadcliff @jimburr How much did you have to drink before the game?"

West Virginia is a resilient team that just wouldn't quit when things looked bad in the first half. We also learned that I should probably find a sedative to ease me through the next game and I shouldn't be held accountable for what I say in the heat of the moment.