See what I did there? It's about all the comedy I can stomach at the moment. Maybe what Huggins is talking about at the one minute mark is that Scheyer keeps a hand on Butler and rides him into Zoubek. The audio cuts off before he finishes. "They don't foul...All-American player..." is all I can pick up.

You know, it's not what decided the game. The simple way to say it is that Duke answered every time WVU tried to make a run at them. They got the lead and held onto it. They kept Butler from getting involved with the offense, they exploited Kilicli in the two man game and made any offensive advantage he gave meaningless. I don't blame Kilicli. He's only been with the team for a few weeks. I imagine we will see an improvement in him next year.

There's other stuff about the game, but let's get back to the video. I got a call from a friend about the time Huggins was getting up off the floor from consoling Butler. "We may have lost this game, but we just won." Yeah Rick, there's your one shinning moment. Pull something out of the vault and talk about that. And Mr. Reilly, don't forget to mention the members of this year's team that have already graduated. It would be a shame if you didn't note that considering the whole "0.0" thing.